Given an image specified by the user which contains a subarray readout, return a full-frame image with the subarray implanted at the appropriate location.


>>> python
>>> from wfc3tools import embedsub
>>> embedsub(files)


files [file]
Input image name or list of image names. The rootname will be used to create the output name.


Return the full-frame location of the subarray coordinates using a file specified by the user.

Example Output

This method calls wfc3tools.sub2full to calculation the subarray position on the full frame image.

This is the default output:

> wfc3tools.embedsub.embedsub('ic5p02eeq_flt.fits')
> Subarray image section [x1,x2,y1,y2] = [2828:3339,215:726]
> Image saved to: ic5p02eef_flt.fits